Occidental Community Choir Roster

Director: Andy DelMonte


Melanie Case
Kandi Cogliandro *
Jules Dantin
Ann Levin *
Diane Masura **
Nadja Masura
Ruby Mushkin
Gerry Schultz
Irene Stratton
Christina Wolfe-Lee


Yolande Adams
Janine Bamberger *
Maria Culberson
Lisa Fiorelli
Kathy Horan
Blythe Klein
Denise Meier
Julie Middleton
Birch Moonwomon
Anna Nelson
Beverly Riverwood
Sue Smith


Steve Considine *
Jim Gleaves
Jasmine Lawrence *
Stephen Leander


Stephen Fowler
Roger Gilbert
Richard Levin
Kelly McCool
Bill Middleton
Harry North *
Jeff Sengstack
Gordon Stubbe

Accompanist: Yolande Adams

* Board member
** President Emeritus

"And we breathe in our daily labors
and breathe out songs in four parts;
we bring life to the notes on the pages,
and the music gives light to our hearts…"

"Choirsong Chorale" by Marcy Telles and Doug Bowes

Occidental Community Choir Group Photo