Got Talent? OCC Alumni Talent Show!

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 7:30pm

Occidental Center for the Arts



* First to respond, first served.
* This is a Non-auditioned show.
* At least one member of your act needs to be an OCC alum.
* There will be max.15 acts
* Each act will have 5 minutes stage time each, including getting on and off stage & any spoken word
* There will be no rehearsal time
* There will be mic check on day of show from 5:30 - 6:30
* We’ll be using the OCA sound system (don’t bring yours)
* Performers will have reserved seating in the audience to enjoy the other acts



April 1 - reserve your space by emailing Jules at
April 23 - Form deadline. Please click on the link below to fill out the participant application form:

Google Form - click here!

The data will be automatically be viewable by the 40th planning committee. If you have any difficulties, you can send an email to Jules at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.




Music from Home

Music from Home will be sung at all concerts, with the alums invited to sing with the choir.

Download the sheet music
Listen to the live recording

Soprano Part - Alto Part - Teno Part - Bass Part

Lost Alumni List


Our 40th anniversary is next December and we’re tracking down all 350+ alumni. We’ve found most of them, but here is our "long list." If you know any of these folks, please write to Diane Masura at Thanks!


Gail Allen
John Banks
Barbara Barnaby
Brian Batoosingh
Howard Besserman
Laurie Borns
Laurie Bourren
Alice Bradshaw
Ann Bush
Marilyn Casty
Clyde Champman
Frank Dunlap
Kevin Ehlers
Sarah Endicott
Mark Evans
Doug Fetterly
Gail Gorman
Sarah Greenfield
Jan Harmon
Joesph Held
Tony Heller
Joan Helmes
Pat Henry
Sally Hutt
Susan Inadomi
Richard Inadomi
Anna Iuppa
Cathy Keckeley
Elyscia Letterman
Roger Lewis
Larry and Barbara Lund
Paulette Luning
Sherry Maddox
Philip Malone
Sarah Miller
Susan Moore
Ted Morgan
Larry Natalini
Jeffrey Nation
Sandra Nelson
Robin Nicolaus
Barbara O’Hara
Karl Oppen
Howard Powell
Sandra Respini
Claire Rickey
Carolyne Riley
Annemarie Rosa (Webster)
Holly Saunders
Suzanne Schlosser
David and Susan Schumaker
James Sellers
Tomji Serianni
Wendy Sherman
Barbara Spaulding
Mike Spechtor
Wendy Steinke
Beth Stinnett
Mick Stratton
Aura Sullivan
Dennis Sullivan
Wendy Susinke
Suzie Ussery (Kelly)
Pat Vaughan
John Volkmann
Dan Wickham
Kate Willens
Jeff Wilson
Kathy (Mei Lin) Wong
Carol Young